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    “ZHEHAO HOOK”,which is the topping hook manufacturer in the union world,uses no oil lubricating technology from DUPONT,grafting space technology and produces the topping hook which is the heart of sewing machine without oil .
The using efforts :
 Level up the stitch ,making the stitch more glabrous ,sewing and embroidery machine are getting more stable in original bases; it also can economize the workload for appending the oil into the hook every other hours. It lighten the working intensity,which is a good co-worker for making slap
 -up garments. how many each one garment factory need spend the cost for buying eradicator 、cleanser and labour on the garments ,and also the eradicator makes the quality of garments down. ZHEHAO will help you solving all the problems above, reducing the cost ,and improving the quality !
   The analysis list of ZHEHAO HOOK:
   1、Material :anti-wear resisting special material;
   2、Rigidity: HV2500-3500;
   3、Friction coefficient :0.08 u
   4、Capability: anti-wear resisting ,low noise, low tension,keep normal temperature when running in the no oil environment .
   5、Using life :twice as longer as congeneric products in the international market.
   6、Using effects : absolutely no oil, low tension,low noise and unwarming .

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