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4 times shuttle

Product Details:

Taiji Brand 4-fold Large Capacity Spindle/Korean Large Capacity Spindle/4-fold Spindle

Product Details
Used to equip existing embroidery machines
Implementing large capacity spindle of common embroidery machine
Compared with the small spindle, it increases the utilization rate of the thread and reduces the cost greatly. In addition, it can reach 200,000 needles without changing the bottom line, reduces the number of changing the bottom line, reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the work efficiency.

The Advantages of Four-fold Large Capacity Spindle

1. Compared with the current market of spindles, it has increased by 400% of the line.

2. The new design of the shuttle core sleeve prevents the surface thread from jamming. The built-in bearing design of the shuttle core sleeve reduces the friction of the large shuttle core and ensures the beauty of the sewing products.

3. The shuttle core is designed to avoid collision between the shuttle core and the needle by not opening in rotation.

4. The new design of the shuttle core sleeve can not completely prevent idling in the use of nylon wire. (No need to install another stop-assist spring plate)

5. The excellent low-wear property can be guaranteed by the use of carbon steel from Pesco in Korea and the adoption of Tokyo heat treatment method.

Product Series:

High-speed tangential spindle (plated nano-black gold steel) - 4 times high-capacity high-speed embroidery machine spindle for 1 times high-speed spindle - 1.6 times embroidery machine.