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1.6 times as white as a shuttle

Product Details:

Used to equip existing embroidery machines (no need for refitting embroidery machines, direct installation, direct use)

Realize large spindle and small rotating shuttle
Reduce costs and reduce the number of changes to the bottom line
1.6 advantages of HOOK]
1. is 60% more than the current spin on the market
2., the new design of the shuttle core sleeve prevents the sticking of the wire
3. the embroidery machine is designed to be semi permanent with the spring on the shuttle core sleeve
The 4. shuttle core is designed to prevent the collision between the spindle and the needle without being opened in the rotation
The new design of the 5. shuttle sleeve can not prevent the idling in the use of nylon wire
The 6. kingdoms of Korea SCAW steel use and used the Tokyo heat treatment and can guarantee the excellent low wear resistance.
Product line:
1.6 times high speed rotating spindle
High speed tangential rotating shuttle for 1.6 times embroidery machine
High speed tangential rotating spindle (plated with nano black steel) for 1.6 times embroidery machine